Month: September 2012

Periodontal Disease and Diabetes

Periodontal disease in diabetics makes controlling their diabetes more difficult.  Uncontrolled diabetes leads to worsening of the periodontal disease, creating a cycle that spirals out of control quickly.  Here is some more information about periodontal disease and diabetes from the American Academy of Periodontology.

The body’s role in periodontal disease

Bacteria are considered to be the cause of periodontal disease, but bacteria do not directly destroy the bone and connective tissue surrounding the teeth – the body does!  It seems strange to think a person’s own defense system causes the breakdown associated with periodontal disease, but that really is what happens.  In an attempt to fight off the bacterial plaque that accumulate on your teeth and gums, the body sends more blood flow to the […]

Why do teeth get cavities?

Bacteria in your mouth eat the sugars that you put into your mouth.  The bacteria turn these sugars into acid, which then start to de-mineralize the tooth.  These de-mineralized areas are called tooth decay, or cavities.  When the cavities get to be a certain size, your body can no longer heal, or re-mineralize, the area and a filling needs to be done.  The dentist will remove the decayed tooth structure and re-establish the original shape […]

Dental Calculus

Tartar and calculus are both terms to describe calcified bacterial plaque.  Your saliva contains calcium and phosphate that combine with the bacteria in your mouth to make a hard substance that sticks to your teeth and contributes to gum disease.  This tartar or calculus can be white, yellow, brown, black, or sometimes other colors, depending on what type of foods you eat.  To prevent the tartar from forming in the first place, brush and floss […]

September Monthly Raffle

Last month, we gave away two tickets to see the play “Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” at the Issaquah Village Theatre.  As the weather starts to cool off, we’ll be giving away a movie night at Kent Station.  When the rain starts coming in October, what better way to spend a cold fall night that catching a flick with friends and family?  Make sure to fill out a raffle entry the next time […]

Dental X-Rays

Certain x-rays are required in order to properly diagnose problems in the mouth.  These x-rays provide valuable information about developing problems that we cannot see under the gums, under fillings, and in between your teeth simply by looking with our eyes.  Without x-rays, dentists are handcuffed by receiving only a portion of the information needed to make an accurate diagnosis of your oral health status.  Follow these links to find out more information from the […]