Month: November 2012

Should I use mouth wash?

Rinsing your mouth each day with a mouth rinse can be another important step in good oral health.  Mouth rinse is typically utilized for three main reasons:  as an antiseptic to kill bacteria, fluoride to prevent tooth decay, and to prevent bad breath.  Many factors play a role in selecting the right type of rinse for each person.  Generally it is recommended to select a mouth rinse that contains fluoride and is alcohol free.  However, […]

What’s a Waterpik?

Waterpik is the brand name for the interproximal dental cleaner also known as a water flosser, oral irrigator, or dental water jet.  The water flosser can access spaces or areas where bacteria can accumulate, multiply, and remain undisturbed by irrigating with water.  A water flosser is typically recommended for patients who have inadequate interdental cleaning abilities or who may have appliances that create a challenge to clean certain areas such as implants, bridges or orthodontics.  […]

Why do I need my wisdom teeth out?

Most people are born with 32 teeth.  The very back teeth in each corner of your mouth are called 3rd Molars, or wisdom teeth.  Often there is not enough room for these teeth in the mouth, so they are impeded from completely coming out of the gums like the rest of the teeth.  When this happens, they are impacted.  They can be partially impacted, meaning the teeth are coming through the gums, but not all […]

There are so many toothpastes at the store, which one should I buy?

There are several products to choose from, and much of the decision is dependent upon individual preference and needs.  Toothpastes can vary with taste, texture and ingredients.  The addition of fluoride in toothpaste is essential for optimal oral health as it aids in protecting from dental decay.  There are also toothpastes that assist in minimizing and eliminating dental sensitivity.  Your dental hygienist and dentist can alert you to the many features of toothpaste products that […]

When should my child see an orthodontist?

Orthodontists generally like to see a child when the first signs of improper alignment of the permanent teeth are evident.  When a child’s baby teeth start falling out around age 5-7, the permanent teeth will start erupting.  At this stage, the child is considered to be in “mixed dentition,” meaning he or she has some baby teeth and some adult teeth.  Often, the early signs of improper tooth alignment are evident at this stage of […]

America’s Top Dentists

Dr. Russell and Dr. Blair are each recipients of the “America’s Top Dentists” award from the Consumers’ Research Council of America.  Each year the CRCA selects dentists based on certain criteria and awards those dentists accordingly.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Russell and Dr. Blair.

Adopt-A-School Program

Did you know that we are the official sponsors of Jenkins Creek Elementary and Covington Elementary through the Adopt-A-School Program?  Click here to find out more information about the Adopt-A-School Program at the Washington Oral Health Foundation’s website.