Month: January 2013

What are dentures and why do people need them?

Dentures are a removable, prosthetic replacement for teeth.  When a person is completely edentulous, meaning they have lost all of their teeth due to extensive tooth decay, gum disease, trauma, etc., complete dentures are a good option.  When a person is only partially edentulous, meaning they are only missing some teeth, partial dentures can be a good option.  For more information, go the American Dental Association’s patient education site.

Reception area renovation update!

Exciting news:  Last weekend we installed a flat screen monitor in the waiting room!  Depending on the day, you will see office info, oral health info, nature videos, travel videos, cartoons (for the little ones, or young at heart), etc.  We won’t keep you waiting long, but those moments you spend in the reception area will now be a little more enjoyable!  Be sure to check it out the next time you’re in, and feel […]

What causes cavities?

Cavities are also referred to as tooth decay or dental caries.  The condition is an infection of dental hard tissue (enamel and dentin).  It is caused by bacteria that live your mouth, eat the sugar that you put in your mouth, turn it into acid, and deposit the acid on the tooth surface.  This acid, over time, eats a hole in the surface of the tooth.  This hole is called a cavity.  The cavities are […]

Should I buy an electric toothbrush?

Research has been done to compare the ability of power assisted (electric) and manual toothbrushes to effectively remove plaque and prevent or reduce dental calculus (tartar) build-up.  The studies have shown that both methods are in fact effective when used with the proper technique and duration.  However, it has also been shown most people who use a manual toothbrush do not use it as prescribed.  Therefore, a power brush is recommended to aid in the […]

What type of floss is the best?

Flossing is an essential element of the oral home care process.  Flossing removes plaque and food particles from between the teeth where the toothbrush is not able to easily reach.  Because plaque build-up can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, daily flossing is highly recommended.  There are many different types of floss beyond waxed or unwaxed.  Floss can vary in thickness, filament type, coatings, handles, and flavor.  The best type of floss is dependent […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!  Now that the holidays are over, our office is back in full swing.  To bring in the new year, we’ve re-done the walls in our reception area, and I must say they are looking fantastic.  There are more reception area changes to come, but we’re off to a fantastic start!