Month: February 2013

New staff members!

In the past couple of months, our office has added two new staff members! If you’re at the front desk, you might meet Rhonda.  She has a bright and happy demeanor and is brilliant when it comes to navigating dental benefit plans and helping you find appointment times that work with your schedule. If you have an appointment with one of our doctors, you might meet Krystin.  She is our chairside assistant.  She has a […]

Truly a FAMILY Dental Office…

Covington Family Dental Clinic truly is a FAMILY office.  Dr. Russell is Dr. Blair’s uncle and was influential in his decision to pursue a career in dentistry.  Our two hygienists also share a special bond.  Janet is Lindsey’s mother and, as you can imagine, was also influential in her decision to pursue a career in the dental field.

Tooth Eruption

Assuming normal development, children start teething in their first year.  By the age of 3, a child has all 20 of his/her baby teeth.  The adult teeth don’t start erupting until the child is 6 years old.  The first adult teeth to erupt are the permanent 1st molars, which come in behind the last baby tooth.  This usually occurs before the baby teeth start exfoliating (i.e. falling out).  To see an interactive chart with average […]

Primary (Baby) Teeth

The average child has 20 primary teeth (aka baby teeth).  All 20 will fall out to make way for the permanent adult teeth. Each quadrant (e.g. upper left, lower right, etc.) of a child’s mouth has 5 teeth.    These baby teeth, from front to back, are… Central Incisor Lateral Incisor Canine (aka Cuspid) 1st Molar 2nd Molar If you’d like to know when each of these teeth should start showing up in, or start falling […]

Permanent Teeth

The average adult has 32 permanent teeth.  Each quadrant (e.g. upper left, lower right, etc.) of an adult’s mouth has 8 teeth.  These teeth, from front to back, are… i.      Central Incisor ii.      Lateral Incisor iii.      Canine (aka Cuspid) iv.      1st Premolar (aka 1st Bicuspid) v.      2nd Premolar (aka 2nd Bicuspid) vi.      1st Molar vii.      2nd Molar viii.      3rd Molar (aka Wisdom Tooth)

Reception Area Update

While relaxing in our newly remodeled reception area, you’ll be entertained by soothing sounds as you watch films of beautiful nature scenes, including moutains, waterfalls, ocean beaches, forests, and gardens.  If you have suggestions for videos that you would like to see on our monitor in the reception area, feel free to let the front desk know!