April 2013

April 15, 2013

How can I best protect my teeth when I do eat candy, even though it’s not good for my teeth?


Let’s be honest:  most people are not going to COMPLETELY cut candy out of their diet, although that would be ideal.  A good rule of thumb to follow in the event that you do eat some candy is that it isn’t HOW MUCH candy you eat, but HOW LONG the sugar is in your mouth Read the full article…

April 5, 2013

How old should my child be when I take them to the dentist for the first time?


The American Dental Association recommends taking your child to the dentist for the first time at or around their 1st birthday.  At this visit, the dentist will check to see if there are any abnormalities with the development with the teeth or oral soft tissue (gums, cheeks, tongue, etc.)  The dentist can also answer any Read the full article…

April 1, 2013

May Monthly Raffle


Our Monthly Raffle winner for April will be enjoying a nice dinner out at JaK’s Steakhouse.  This month, just in time for Mother’s Day, you can win a $75 Gift Certificate to Bee’s Florist, right here in Covington.  Be sure drop your name in the bowl at your next visit!