Month: May 2013

Is there a type of chewing gum that dentists recommend?

The best type of chewing gum is any gum where the first or second ingredient listed on the packaging is xylitol (pronounced with a “z” sound).  Xylitol is a sugar that is eaten by harmful bacteria in your mouth in the same way that normal sugars are eaten.  But, then the bacteria can’t digest it and they die.  For someone who loves to chew gum, anything with a substantial amount of xylitol is going to […]

Continued: What should I do if my child breaks his/her tooth?

If the tooth breaks into pieces, there isn’t anything that can be done to put the tooth back together.  However, if there is a large fragment of the tooth that is easily and quickly found, it can be helpful to bring that piece with you to your dentist.  It can help the dentist rebuild the tooth to make it look more like the original. If the tooth is completely knocked out, pick it up without […]

What should I do if my child breaks his/her tooth?

You’d be surprised how often children fall and break, or completely knock out, one of their teeth.  Usually, it’s the front teeth.  If this happens to your child or a child you know, the most important thing to remember is to see a dentist as fast as possible.  Research shows that intervention within 60 minutes of a traumatic tooth injury gives the best likelihood of long-term health of the tooth.  More on this topic to […]

Monthly Raffle Update…

Our raffle winner for April won a gift certificate to Bee’s Florist, here in Covington.  $75 of flowers will go a long way toward brightening up a home or office, or making a special someone happy on Mothers’ Day.  The prize for May is two tickets to a Mariners game against the Chicago Cubs!  Make sure to fill out an entry the next time you’re in the office!