Month: June 2013

Can I rinse/gargle with hydrogen peroxide to clean my mouth?

I recommend against using hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse.  It is potentially harmful to the gums and other soft tissue if used in excessive amounts over a long period of time.  Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) can break down into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2).  During this process, sometimes oxygen free radicals can be formed.  These are very reactive molecules that can potentially cause mutations within the DNA of cells and potentially lead to problems, including […]

How effective are the tooth whitening kits (e.g. Crest White Strips) that you can buy at a grocery store or pharmacy?

These kits are not harmful to your teeth if used correctly, and they will work, but at a much slower pace than what is prescribed by dental offices to whiten teeth.  Over the counter brands of whitening products are a weaker whitening product than dentist-prescribed treatments.  They are less harmful if they are used incorrectly and allows companies like Crest to sell them over-the-counter without danger of getting sued.  If you want an effective, efficient […]

Office Renovation Update…

It’s been a long time coming, but the renovations to the reception area and the restroom have been completed!  Our contractor did a FANTASTIC job with the updates and I think everyone will enjoy the new look.  Relax in our new chairs while watching nature scenes on our new HD flatscreen, with a scenic backdrop of Mt. Rainier on the wall.  The new tile and Wayne’s Coating in the restroom gives it a clean, modern, […]

Monthly Raffle Update…

The raffle winner for May will be going to see the Mariners play the Chicago Cubs when they come to town later this month.  Let’s hope they pull out a victory!  This month, just in time for 4th of July celebrations, we’ll be giving away a BBQ Bucket of Goodies.  Complete with all the fixins for a great outdoor barbecue, and a gift card to Fred Meyer for anything else you want that we may […]