Month: September 2018

Here’s the truth about charcoal-based toothpastes…

Charcoal-based toothpastes are not safe!  Charcoal whitens teeth because it is abrasive and wears away the stained enamel on the surface of your teeth.  Repeated use will make your teeth sensitive and weak.  Charcoal is also known to contain many carcinogens.  Manufacturers claim these products are not as abrasive and the carcinogens have been removed, but the products are so new that they are not well tested.  Until studies come out PROVING they are safe, […]

Sorry, America you STILL need to floss!

Today marks two years since Dr. Blair penned his article for the Covington-Maple Valley Reporter, “Sorry, America you still need to floss.” In it he countered reports from the Associated Press which stated flossing was not as important as dentists claim it to be.  Brushing removes a significant amount of the plaque from your teeth, but it doesn’t get it all. Flossing removes 35 percent of the plaque brushing alone leaves behind.  (Your hygienist can reach […]