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November 10, 2015

Tammy is a Grandma!


Tammy, our Patient Care Specialist, is a brand new grandma to sweet Logan! He was born on October 25th, weighing in at 8 pounds and 21 inches long. Awww ….

Congrats to mom, dad and proud grandparents!

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October 28, 2015

Happy Halloween


Boo … Happy Halloween!!!

There’s no better time to commit to brushing twice a day for two minutes than the day after Halloween!

And … remember to “fall back” an hour before going to bed on Saturday night!halloween cute baby costume ideas[1]

October 7, 2015

Soos Creek Botanical Garden


Right in our own backyard, there’s a beautiful garden – Soos Creek Botanical Garden located at 29308 132nd Ave SE – 22 acres of sheer beauty. And, it’s all maintained by volunteers! As you stroll through the paths, you will come across a variety of gardens – like Cedar Grove where you will see mature western red cedars or the Rain Garden & Alder Grove as well as a Pond Garden and many more. There’s even an Aviary! The Heritage Center is devoted to the farming life of the early settlers on the Soos Creek plateau, a 35-square-mile area. Many early photos, historical maps, and newspaper articles are displayed.

Here are some photos and link to their site. You should definitely check it out! Oh … the sculptures you see were created by students from Green River Community College! Who knew what you could make with spoons and forks! IMG_5091FullSizeRender (12)FullSizeRender (14)IMG_5136IMG_5097IMG_5115IMG_5109

September 16, 2015

Back to School – Dental Checkup


Backpack? Check. Booster shots? Check. Teeth cleaning? Check!

It’s a very busy time of the year for the family with kids starting school! Everything’s in order for a successful school year but how about back-to-school dental check up? Regular dental visits are important year-round, but a back-to-school checkup is key in fighting the most common chronic disease found in school-age children … cavities.

Prevention and early detection can help avoid pain, trouble eating and school absences. When scheduling check ups with your child’s pediatrician, make teeth a part of that process and call the dentist.

Here’s to a successful and a healthy school year!

July 28, 2015

Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth, also referred to as third molars, get their name by being the last teeth to come in during young adulthood. As part of a dental visit, your dentist will examine you to determine if your wisdom teeth are healthy and properly positioned.

Every patient is unique, but in general, wisdom teeth may need to be removed when there is evidence of changes in the mouth such as:

  • pain
  • infection
  • cysts
  • tumors
  • damage to adjacent teeth
  • gum disease
  • tooth decay (if it is not possible or desirable to restore the tooth)

Your dentist or specialist may also recommend removal to prevent problems or for others reasons, such as when removal is part of an orthodontic, restorative or periodontal treatment plan.

In addition, the condition of your mouth changes over time. Wisdom teeth that are not removed should continue to be monitored, because the potential for developing problems later on still exists. As with many other health conditions, as people age, they are at greater risk for health problems and that includes potential problems with their wisdom teeth. Regular dental visits are important so your dentist can evaluate not just your wisdom teeth but your overall oral health to help you prevent and manage dental disease and achieve optimal oral health.

July 20, 2015

Lilliwaup Hatchery


Here are a couple of pictures from the Lilliwaup Hatchery which is situated just north of the great bend of Hood Canal, near the mouth of Lilliwaup Creek. Tucked among moss-draped evergreens, the property’s natural springs provide clean water, free of pathogens and of an ideal temperature for salmon.

Rick Endicott is the Hatchery Manager dedicated to recovery, research and community involvement for programs – such as summer chum recovery in Lilliwaup Creek and steelhead and Chinook recovery in the nearby Hamma Hamma River.

You can look up LLTK (Long Live The Kings) and Rick can give you a guided tour when you are in the area. www.lltk.orgIMG_4191 IMG_4193