The Best Ways to Love Your Teeth This Valentine’s Day

Posted on 2/14/2023 by Covington Family Dental
Keep your breath fresh during dinner plans. Whether you’re going out to a fancy dinner or enjoying a homemade prepared meal, don’t let bad breath ruin your night.

Keep a small toothbrush or bit of floss nearby, after enjoying your meal take a quick moment to clean any leftover food particles from between your teeth or in the back of your mouth. You can also pop in a mint, chew xylitol-containing gum, or quickly swish with mouthwash for an extra boost, leaving your smile with that extra clean, fresh feeling.

Don’t share your cavities. Research shows the bacteria that causes tooth decay can spread from one person to another. Seriously! This can be done via sharing silverware, straws, and yes, even kissing!
Protect your partner by keeping your mouth clean and cavity free.

Whiten your teeth. A bright, white smile is an indication of good hygiene and will make a good impression on your Valentine’s Day date. Give yourself, and your date, a reason to smile!

Dark chocolate. If you’re going for chocolate, think dark. The cocoa bean contains tannins, polyphenols, and flavonoids, which are antioxidants that benefit your teeth and mouth. This is done by preventing bacteria from sticking to your teeth and reducing inflammation in your body. Only dark chocolate which is the least processed and has higher cocoa bean content does all the good. So remember the higher the
percentage, the better the benefits.

Commit to a great oral health routine. To really show your teeth some love this February, make a dedication to getting routine dental checkups and cleanings. Your dentist can spot issues like cavities and gum disease before you can see or feel them.

With regular checkups you can show your teeth how much you care about them all year long.

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