Why, OJ?!
Posted on 9/14/2022 by Covington Family Dental
Picture of man making a face to the camera Why does toothpaste make your orange juice taste so horrible? Is it the mint? It's got to be the mint, right?

Nope. It's NOT the mint!

The real culprit is an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate. (SLS)[-10180][-8374]
SLS is a surfactant which creates suds while you brush and helps clean your teeth.
“It also suppresses the receptors on the taste buds that can pick up on sweet flavors AND breaks up phospholipids, the fatty compounds that help reduce bitter tastes.”* To avoid the toothpaste/OJ aftertaste, you can always wait to brush until after you’ve finished breakfast or switch to a fluoridated toothpaste without SLS. [-10178][-8539][-10178][-8777]


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