Why do I need x-rays even though my teeth don't hurt?
Posted on 1/20/2022 by Covington Family Dental
Dental x-rays are really necessary

X-rays allow us to visualize areas we can’t see with our routine exam. This is incredibly important because diseases of the mouth are often asymptomatic in their early stages.

Catching something happening between your teeth or under the gums before you feel it matters in terms of the extent of the treatment as well as your health, schedule and wallet.

X-rays show us:

Cavities- X-rays find cavities in their very early stages.

Infections- Early infections often don’t cause discomfort. Those infections flare up at the worst times. X-rays of the roots of the teeth give us information to diagnose problems early.

Gum Disease- X-rays show the extent of the bone loss and tartar build-up lurking underneath the gums.

Other Issues- Tumors, cysts, and even clogged arteries have been found on x-
rays and have even saved lives.

So, even though they may seem inconvenient, we promise it's worth your time!

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