Feeling the burn?
Heartburn is more serious than it seems.
Posted on 12/1/2022 by Covington Family Dental
Feeling the burn?You love spicy meatballs? Just not when they lead to enamel erosion!

Heartburn is often characterized as a small, everyday problem that can be fixed with a trip to the drugstore. However, this masks the condition’s serious side effects for the mouth, esophagus and lungs.

Do you cough frequently, have a sore throat, or experience a sour taste in your mouth? These are all symptoms of GERD-reflux disease. Heartburn or acid reflux can lead to more serious complications in your health, such as respiratory disease, inflammation of the stomach lining, and cancer.

If you notice wear on the enamel of your teeth not caused by clenching or grinding, you most likely have acidic wear. If acid can wear away enamel, the strongest substance in the human body, what is it doing to other organs of your body?

OTC (over the counter) heartburn medications are meant to treat acute (once in awhile) heartburn, not chronic heartburn. By self-medicating you risk drug interactions and masking the problem, which needs immediate attention.

Please see your physician for heartburn/acid reflux so you can treat early and effectively.[-10179][-8923]

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